Video installations is an extremely powerful language of communicating with your audience, and bring them an unforgettable show

And Yes - Nektar Frames do it for you!

You will get:

  • Video backgrounds for music tour visuals, TV shows, festivals, live events, concerts, ceremonies, opera and theater performances, music video shootings, presentations and conferences


  • Lyric videos and other animated visual content

  • Stage lighting design and programming

  • Live VJing

  • Live video shooting and editing

  • Visual effects for music videos and advertising commercials

  • Design and animated GIFs for social media (subscription plans only)

Latest projects:

Our clients:

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Vitaly Demidenko

The guys are nice and easy to communicate with. They proved to be real professionals by their work.

They approached the task with a clear understanding of the goal, a sense of style and knowledge of the current trends in video art.

We are pleased to continue cooperation with them in the future!


Denis Zhivitovsky

Tons of respect fly to Nektar Frames for their help with creating a video installations that you can see at our concerts.

Thanks for the timeliness, quality and patience!


Ivan Romanchuk


During the whole process the guys were open to our wishes if something did not suit us. They offered various alternative solutions, were polite and courteous, and also explained us the mechanics of live video performing.

Thank you so much for your work!

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